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Are you worried about choosing the best slow pitch softball bats? There are many features of good quality softball bats. Let us discuss about the softball bats and the features of good quality softball bats. While choosing the softball bats it should help you to perform better and play better. The right bat does not need an extra hours of hard work.nChoosing the right bat does not mean that simply walk into any store, look at the price tag and color, calculating the discount and so on. The quality check is must before checking all these things because; every product is decided as a best quality by certain factors. The bats should be analyzed based in some features. They are:

    • Barrel Size
    • Grip
    • Bat Taper
    • Weight
    • Length
    • Material

Barrel size – Barrel size is one of the important factors to be considered while choosing the best slow pitch softball bat. While looking at the barrel size the barrel diameter, the part of the bat that comes in contact with the pitch. This part is smooth and curvy. The slow pitch softball bat has a diameter of 2 ¼ inches and the length ranges from 12-14 inches. For speed hitting larger size is better and for strong hitting smaller size is better. Based on the needs you can select the perfect one.

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Grip – The grip or handle of the slow pitch softball is considered between its taper and knob. The grip size is varies in 10-15 inches. Usually the grip is covered with synthetic leather or rubber or leather. Synthetic leather or leather offers a tough grip whereas rubber will be better shock resistant. To increase the grip of the bar some sprays can be used.

Bat taper – The part that connects the handle with the barrel is called taper. It is a smooth area and the length ranges from 31/32nds in inch. Those who swing their wrists to greater extent narrow taper are best.

Weight – Weight plays an important role in slow pitch softball bat. The common bat weights are ranging from 26oz-30oz. There are 2 types of weight distribution they are end loaded model and balance model.

Length – The length of this bats are common as 34 inches. So while choosing the bat length is not a major part.

Material – Budget plays an important role while choosing the material. These bats are made by variety of material such as aluminum, composite, wood or alloy.

For certain products in life looking at the tags and brands are must. The softball bat is one of those kinds. The slow pitch softball bats are made by using scientific and modern technologies and it should be the best choice. Because, the bats under these qualities may help you to improve your own game techniques and won’t take a fee on your efficiency like other ordinary bats.