Strategy Super Mario game online

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The wonderful game among the adventure games is the Super Mario. Of all the series, the Mario is the hero taking steps to rescue the princess from the villain. The characters in the game is colourful tempting the player to sit and play for many hours. The new game of Super Mario released few days back that is Super Mario Run.

The game has high reputation among the gamers so the experts are designed the game with great effort. The game developers are shaped the game day and night. We know the hard work never fails and it is proved that the new game has got good name and highly welcomed by the gamers. The speciality of this game has three modes with interesting facts.

Specialty of game

The game is the side scrolling auto runner program which the player can use one finger to operate the game. The player can just tap the screen to jump and in this game the Mario is automatically moved from left to right and he will jump the small gaps. For jumping long gaps the player has to tap the screen high. The tactics should be used to tap the screen with the control of player. Yes with the motive of playing many players lose the control to tap the screen that leads to fall down or the Mario gets shrink into small size. The player has to eat the mushroom to get bigger size so that he can beat the Super Mario Run.

There are three modes such as world tour, toad rally and kingdom building. The Mario has to defeat the villains, collecting the coins, rescuing the princess, impressing the toads and building the new kingdom by using the strategies and tricks. Obtain the game from legal sites who provide with costs and virus free. It is good for collecting coins to save the life span.